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Spread a Pizz-A happiness by recognising and rewarding your employees or clients with our 'one of a kind' Pizza Bellissima pizza kits. 

Our Classic Pizza kit includes everything you need to prepare 4* pizzas including authentic Italian pizza bases, tomato sauce and 100% mozzarella, PLUS 4 drinks.

Pizza Bellissima is an award nationwide winning home or office delivery service that enables customers the experience of cooking an authentic pizza, in the comfort of their own home, tasting just like their favourite pizzeria (some say better!)

Already enjoyed by companies and employees but don't take out word for it...


I want to thank Alex and the team at Pizza Bellissima. I was tasked with organising prizes for our virtual Christmas party and was looking for an interesting and novel idea when I came across Pizza Bellissima on a Google search.

Alex was so helpful and obliging and we arranged Pizza Making DIY Kits with a Bottle of Prosecco which Alex arranged for me. 

The recipients of the prizes were thrilled with the kit the quality was excellent so we as company will be using Pizza Bellissima during 2021, the service was amazing. Once again, thank you and best of luck for 2021.

Kind Regards,



We placed an order with Alex and the team as a thank you gift for our employees working remotely. Small changes were accomodated and the whole process went smoothly! Most importantly everybody enjoyed this unique experience & it was so good they all ordered again themselves. It was a lovely gift that the whole family could enjoy, and staff felt appreciated.

Therese Mullane

Can't recommend this company enough. I have placed 2 large orders as part of our Sports and Social committee and Alex has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Both times the service has been excellent, with no hiccips - so responsive and helpful. Pizza tastes amazing - just like a pizzaria! 

Thanks guys,



I would highly recommend Bellissima to any client, employee or friend. I made a large order of about 80 pizza kits from Bellissima to send out individually around Ireland for a client of mine. 

Alex, the sales manager went above & beyond to ensure each kit arrived. The team were a pleasure to work with and they executed the job very well without any issues. To top it off, everyone absolutely loved their kits! 

Thank you Bellissima.

Izzy FuelHQ. 





This thank you hamper is crafted with Italian love to take your Pizza experience to the next level. 

Pizza and Sides - You will also find additional great gift gestures inside. The thank you kit will arrive in a beautiful branded box and should you wish can be ordered with extra toppings to make it that little more personalised. 


Classic DIY Pizza Kit:

- 4 Award Winning Hand Stretched Pizza Bases

- 400g Tomato Sauce

- 500g Mozzarella Cheese

- 4 x Soft Drinks 

Dietary Options Availible...

Gluten Free.webp

Vegan DIY Pizza Kit:

- 4 Award Winning Hand Stretched Pizza Bases

- 400g Tomato Sauce

- 500g Vegan Cheese

- 4 x Soft Drinks

- 4 x Soft Drinks 

Gluten Free DIY Pizza Kit:

- 4 Gluten Free Hand Stretched Pizza Bases

- 400g Tomato Sauce

- 500g Mozzarella Cheese

- 4 x Soft Drinks

- 4 x Soft Drinks 

The Important Stuff

Shipment and delivery days can be discussed with each client, and can be tailored as required

Delivery costings including bulk discounts can be discussed with each client and applied where applicable

Bank transfer and all credit card accepted with corporate invoice provided 

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