Make It an Easy Pizza Party with Homemade Pizza

Are you looking for a great way to spend an evening with the family? Have you considered an easy pizza party? Yes, we said easy. That is exactly what you will get with Pizza Bellissima, homemade pizza that takes at home pizza to the next level. Pizza, like many Italian dishes, can be a little messy to prepare and make, but not with Pizza Bellissima.

With our Pizza Bellissima pizza kit, we put the "easy" in easy pizza party, and we put the delicious in homemade pizza. That easy begins with a pizza kit that is as simple as unwrap, build, and bake. The delicious begins with the freshest ingredients, helping you to create a pizza that honors one of the most famous Italian dishes. This is at home pizza that feels and tastes like pizzeria pizza.

That easy pizza kit includes four award-winning pizza bases. It includes fresh tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese, and everything you need to create your perfect pizzeria-style pizza. Unwrap the pizza base, lightly brush with oil, spread the aromatic tomato sauce, and begin building your pizza pie with no mess.

All you need to do now is add the company to create an easy pizza party, as your family can have fun building their own pizzas just the way they want. And with the Pizza Bellissima pizza kit, we also include a starter, a side, and of course some refreshing drinks to make the party complete.

Making homemade pizza is always fun, now experience making great at home pizza without making the mess. Experience the difference the finest and freshest ingredients make, and discover why our award-winning Pizza Bellissima pre-made pizza base is renowned all over the world. All of this and more, delivered to your door. Are you ready for a pizza party?

For an even more exciting pizza night and a more authentic pizzeria feel and taste, order one of our mini stone base ovens. Just like your pizza kit (and you can order them separately or together), we will deliver your stone base oven to your door. Discover the joy of stone-baked pizza in the comfort of your home and bake your pizza in minutes.

Although the little ones won't be putting their pizza in the hot stone base oven by themselves, they can have the fun of building their pie and watching it cook in minutes. And they will also love the taste because who doesn't like pizza? This is a pizza party for the whole family and a pizza night everyone in the family will enjoy.

Contact our helpful and pizza passionate team at Pizza Bellissima to order your pizza kit and to discover the types of pizzas we offer and make your pizza night a pizza party. Don't worry if you aren't the best cook in the world, included in your kit are directions to help you step by step so your pizza comes out just the way it should, hot and delicious.

Thank you on behalf of the Pizza Bellissima team for doing everything you can to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and for choosing Pizza Bellissima. This is a time we can all use to get reconnected to home, and to family, and what better way than a pizza night? Making pizza and having a pizza party has never been so easy. Make it a pizza night tonight?

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