Great Pizza Party Like Italian Delivery Near Me

The best Italian restaurants will always qualify as a great pizza party place if you can afford them. Another option might be searching for Italian delivery near me or Italian pizza near me - and that is where we come in. We are Pizza Bellissima and it doesn't matter if you are looking to throw a pizza party at home or if you just want a great pizza party, we can help.

Imagine getting the same quality of pizza as you can from the best Italian restaurants. Imagine having your own pizzeria-quality pizza baked on your own stone oven. Imagine trying to get that from an Italian pizza near me place. That is what we strive to deliver with every pizza kit, and we also have mini stone base ovens for those who want the authentic pizzeria experience. Just order one with your pizza kit and we will deliver it to your doorstep. 

If you found us by searching for Italian delivery near me, then we are happy you found us. We should tell you though, this isn't only pizza delivered, this is a pizzeria experience. Your pizza kit will come in a box, neatly packaged and it will contain everything you need for a perfect pizza dinner or even for a kid pizza party at home.

Included in the kit you will find four of our world-renown and award-winning pizza bases. Our popularity and the demand for our special pizza bases led to worldwide recognition, and our pizza bases are used by companies all over the globe. These are the same premade pizza bases you will have in your pizza kit that will be the beginning of your perfect pizza pie.

Also included in your pizza kit, you will have a fresh and robust tomato sauce, and of course freshly grated mozzarella for the perfect cheese melt. These are only a few of the items your pizza kit will contain but without a starter dish and a side plate, it wouldn't be a real pizzeria experience. Not to worry, because also included in your pizza kit are two of Italy's most revered breads, panini, and focaccia.

They can be prepared and baked plain, as garlic bread, or even as a cheesy bread if you want to get creative. Finally, no dinner is complete without drinks to help wash down your pizzeria-quality pizza. Yes, also inside your pizza kit are the drinks you will have chosen from our beverage menu to make this a complete dinner.

Real Italian is always great for a pizza party, it has just never been so easy to get that authentic pizzeria quality with such convenience. The prepared pizza base and along with the fresh packaged ingredients also minimizes clean up.

Find your next great kid pizza party at Pizza Bellissima. Try one of our pizza kits and have your pizzeria experience delivered to you within 24 hours of placing your order. Our pizza-loving team is also available to help with any questions or to help with your order.

Pizza has always been a match made in heaven, now you can make your kitchen into a heavenly smelling pizzeria with Pizza Bellissima. Simply unwrap, build, and bake. All the joy of making pizza and the enjoyment of the pizzeria experience in a box.